Bringing Holiday Cheer to Your RV 

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Christmas is just around the corner and that means it’s time to start decorating. If you’re like us and spend your holidays on the road in an RV, then you know how important it is to make sure your home away from home feels festive and fun. Here are some tips from Zoomers RV for bringing holiday cheer into your RV this season.

Just because you’re stuck in a tiny space doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all the same holiday decorations that people enjoying the holidays at home do. In fact, decorating an RV can be just as much fun—if not more so! It’s all about getting creative with your space. With these tips, you can turn even the smallest of RVs into a cozy winter wonderland! 

Light Up Your Life

One of the easiest ways to get into the holiday spirit without taking up too much space is to add some twinkle lights. String them along shelves or cabinets for a subtle glow or hang them from windows for a dramatic effect. You can also use battery-operated LED lights since they don’t take up any space or require an outlet. 

Use Wall Decorations Wisely

Small wall decorations like wooden signs or framed artwork will instantly transform your RV interior into a festive cabin-like atmosphere. You can also hang banners or garlands above windows, doors, and cabinets to give your walls a bit more pizazz. Be sure not to overdo it though—you want your decorations to look intentional so be mindful of how many pieces you put up! 

Add Some Greenery

Artificial plants are perfect for adding color and texture without taking up too much space. Hang garlands along doorways or window frames and place small arrangements around the kitchen area. This will make your RV feel more like home as well as add some seasonal cheer! And if you’re feeling extra daring, go for a real tree—just keep in mind that they need water so plan accordingly! 

Bring Nature Inside 

If you’re looking for a natural touch, try bringing some of the outdoors inside with evergreen branches and pine cones. These materials are easy to find in most places and can add a beautiful rustic feel to your RV. For added sparkle, hang small white fairy lights from the branches or wrap them around doorways. If you want to take it a step further, create a centerpiece with faux-snow covered pine cones on top of a red cloth. 

Create an Indoor Winter Wonderland 

If you have more room in your RV, why not create an indoor winter wonderland? Hang some white Christmas lights around the interior of your RV and add some holiday-themed throw pillows and blankets for added coziness. To create an even more festive atmosphere, consider bringing along some fake pine garlands or wreaths to drape over furniture and other decorative items like lanterns and candles.                    

Go Big Outdoors 

If you want to push the envelope even further with your holiday decorating, why not bring some decorations outdoors? Hang string lights around the exterior of your RV and place lighted figurines or reindeer in front of it. You could also set up an outdoor nativity scene if that fits with your style. Whatever decorations you choose, make sure they are secure so they don’t fly away while you’re driving down the road! 

Decorating an RV for the holidays may seem daunting but with these tips, you’ll have no trouble transforming even the tiniest of spaces into a cozy winter wonderland! Have fun experimenting with different decorations and don’t forget—the holidays are all about having fun so let loose and get creative! 

Happy Holidays from everyone here at Zoomers RV!